Our projects

Learn more about our on going projects in Konso Province, the origin of our “Waka” moringa Stenopetala powder.

Every year Waka contributes with one project for the development of Konso rural community.

1% of our sales contributes for Konso development


This business results a positive social impact for Konso community while contributing with 1% of “Waka” moringa Stenopetala powder sales with our collaborator in Ethiopia Konso Development Association (KDA)

Konso women employment for improving their socio-economical status

Extending the primarily moringa local market to overseas creates self-employment opportunities and income generation in Konso. Many of the tasks involved from collection up to delivery of moringa into local market are customarily roles of women. By integrating them into moringa value chain, their economic status will be improved, hence contribute to reduce gender inequalities prevailing in the area.

Having arranged a cooperative of women in Konso by the European NGO SOS Sahel lead by Derese Kochena, already over 100 women have been trained to harvest. The production chain ends with our team of women at our facility in Karat town to process naturally within a few hours and provide the freshest and best within days to you


Kedija Endris Seyid

Head of production and supervision

Cashier, head of production and supervision. She was graduated in public nurse and worked as supervisor of children under five years old for four years in the malnutrition feeding centre donated by Save the Children USA in Konso. She is also the one who brings wealth to the company.


Zinet Endris Seyid

Processing and packaging

She reached grade 10 at the college, she is married, has a son and had more than 10 years experience in preparing Moringa food for local people. Within the company her duties are in drying, processing and packaging.


Ayelech Ayano Jillo

Processing and packaging

She is currently a 10 level grade student, single and had an experience of more than 7 years in preparing Moringa food for local people. Like Zinet her tasks within the company are based on drying, processing and packaging.


Rahel Otayita Borana

Processing and packaging

She is a student and has an experience on Moringa preparation, sieving and packaging for the last eight years. She is still working in the Z and D Moringa company as Moringa powder sales and delivery, farm management.

Projects 2019

One of the major problems in Konso community is cooking fuel efficiency. Ethiopian stoves run with wood. Wood-scarce is a major issue due to deforestation and women have to walk long distances to purchase 50kg wood that they have to carry on their shoulder all the way until home. One wood bundle costs 10 Birr, less than 0,50€, and it feeds a small size family for a week.

The local NGO Konso Development Association (KDA) has started the production of stoves affordable for farmer families. The first cooking stove production centre opened in Doha village, with 8000 inhabitants, and already expanded to two more production centres in two other neighbour towns. Each centre employs 35 female workers receiving a previous training adapted to the stove production.

The production average is 5 stoves daily that are immediately for sale to farmers with a cost of 200 birr, below 10€. The stoves are meant to be adapted for the Ethiopian cuisine. The bigger stove is for baking injera, the traditional flat bred which is the basis of national food and the smaller stove is designed for any other cooking pot.

Either Konso women accessing to job positions, or local community is benefiting from this project. With these cooking stoves farmer families save 50% wood as cooking fuel and they also smoke and smell less which is advantageous because Konso families cook in the only room in the house shared often with their animals.This is Waka chosen project in 2019 benefiting of 1% of our Waka Moringa Stenopetala powder sales.

Projects 2018

Moringa has gained much importance in the recent days due to its multiple uses and benefits to agriculture as an alternative to food supplies to treat malnutrition and also used as a metabolic conditioner to aid against endemic diseases in developing countries. Regarded as a miracle plant, it combats malnutrition, especially among infants and nursing mothers. It is an extremely fast-growing tree resistant to most pests that requires limited amount of water and organic manure in this land suffering from water shortage.

But this tree brings even more, its natural plant growth hormones have the potential to create more sustainable and productive agricultural growth though reducing chemical additives on their farms.

In the last years KDA has been multiplying moringa Stenopetala seedlings from cuttings in 3 nurseries spread in Konso Province for better adapting to local climate and soils. Several employees are full-time responsible for the nursery wealth and extra women are part-time employed for planting period with them all under Derese Kochana’s supervision as environmental conservation expert. After reaching certain size those cultivated fruit trees are further given for free to local farmers from the province for their own food self-efficiency.

Aiming to spread the nurseries capacity, KDA plan for the fiscal year 2018 approved the funding for “Expanding work on nursery capacity in raising of different indigenous seedlings in focusing on moringa seedling “ project that is also the chosen beneficiary of the 1% on Waka sales.