Global terms and price conditions

Orders for a maximum of 5 packages of 150gr each can take place through our on-line shop in Orders exceeding this amount require contact per email to Organic Waka will automatically cancel any order though Organic Waka Online shop exceeding 750gr. In the event of a confirmed order above this quantity through our online shop, Organic Waka will automatically reject the order and will refund the exact payment amount.

Buyers declare to meet his payment obligations by using the credit card for the payment of the goods sold through Organic Waka.

Buyer declares the full acceptation of this global terms and conditions of sale by clicking on “Buy“button.

Any personal information provided to Organic Waka along the purchasing process is proof for the transaction and remain between Organic Waka and the buyer. Organic Waka will confirm the orders with a confirmation email.

Any contractual information shall come in Spanish language and latest at the delivering time.

Prices valid at date of order will be applied. All stated prices are inclusive of taxes. Delivering costs are exclusive on the price and are an obligation for the buyer unless an offer, gratuity or discount applies. Delivering price will be notified before concluding the sale. Some gratuities and price reductions might apply and the buyer will be informed buyer before concluding the sell. Delivering cost might vary depending on delivering address.

Organic Waka reserve the right to adapt prices but the price shall remain based on the amount registered along the buying process (subject to availability of the product), except from typographic errors. Buyer shall be informed of any promotion, discount and especial price before proceeding to payment. Products remain a property of supplier until payment completed.

Organic Waka is at liberty to refuse any order of individuals having a dispute with.



Organic Waka aims to accomplish any client order although a non-availability of the product will be an act beyond our control. Failure to comply by a supplier only gives us the right to rescind the contract, if a replacement deal was made and failed to comply. In this case buyer shall be informed of the cancellation per email.

A cancellation of the order for non-availability of the product is made from the seller’s premise. Organic Waka will refund the amount of the payment on the bank account provided by the buyer through the payment process. The execution time will depend on the type of payment card used and the bank institution holder. The payment terms follow are as mentioned in “Delivery” term.



Unless agreed otherwise, our invoices are to be paid immediately upon the order. Should buyer fail to comply within 15 days, he/she will automatically be in default of payment and the order will automatically cancelled without prior warning. The goods remain property of Organic Waka until the payment will be confirmed. The way of payment accepted are as follows:

• Payment Cards:
Card payments do not apply any extra fee for buyer. Payment cards accepted are: Visa and Master Card. Purchase costs will be charged in the payment card holder’s account within 4 days from the order day. Purchase will be effective after payment confirmation from the bank entity.
In the case bankruptcy or suspension of payment, the order will be automatically cancelled and buyer will be on-line informed.

• Bank transfer
Bank transfer payments do not apply any extra fee for buyer. The bank transfer shall mention:
Bill number
Buyer first and last names
Payment shall be address to Organic Waka in the bank account number provided and a payment receipt shall be sent to
• Paypal
This way of payment applies the payment terms agreed between the buyer and Paypal platform. Any refund of Paypal payments will also be refunded through this platform.
Paypal payments applies a 3’4% extra fee on the total purchasing costs at buyer’s charge. This amount will be charged with the payment.



Organic Waka offers bank card payments through a verified secured payment platform.

Any bank data is immediately encrypted and secured transferred to our bank entity. Any bank information is verified between Organic Waka bank and the buyer bank or Paypal in its default for the prevention of fraud or abuse.

Only banks and Paypal have the access to bank data and Organic Waka is not in possession of this data and does not register the buyer bank data through the payment.



Buyer will be informed of the delivery per email to the delivering address provided.

The goods remain property of Organic Waka until the payment will be confirmed. The status of the order can be followed at any time in the link “My orders”. Buyer will be informed per email the payment confirmation. All stated prices are inclusive of taxes but delivering costs are exclusive and an obligation of the buyer unless especial price or gratuity applies.

Buyer shall provide a valid delivering address. A delivering time of 24 to 48 hours on working days applies in Mainland Spain, Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla and of 72 hours in Canary Island. For other European Union countries the delivering time will be 5 to 7 working days.

Confirmed delivery dates are not fixed dates, unless stated otherwise. We reserve the right to postpone delivery in the case of force majeure for the duration of the obstruction plus a reasonable period of recuperation. Should delivery have become impossible by an act beyond our control we reserve the right to partially or completely rescind the contract. Strikes, unforeseeable events or interruptions of operations are considered force majeure, should we have no influence over these events. Failure to comply by a supplier only gives us the right to rescind the contract, if a replacement deal was made and failed to comply. We reserve the right to partial deliveries unless the client has no interest in them. Unless failure to comply or delay delivery was caused by us, we will not be liable for noncompliance.

An email will be sent to buyer informing with the departure of the order from the distribution center. The delivery ends at arrival of the product to the buyer and will be effective through the control system in use by the transport enterprise. Buyer is required to examine the merchandise at delivery and proceed immediately to any justified claim. Claims shall be addressed to Waka per e-mail indicated in Organic Waka website.

Shall the transport enterprise not be able to deliver the goods by the non-presence of buyer in the provided address, buyer will receive a passage notification and the goods will remain in the transport enterprise storage room according to their policies and the time will be specified on the passage notification. Shall buyer no collect the goods within the established period in the transport enterprise storage room, the goods will be sent back to the supplier and Organic Waka cannot warranty neither a second sending nor the reimbursement of purchasing costs.


Product returns

“Nonconforming products” is as stated by law in “Ley de Comercio Minorista Española” an allowed rejection of a sale if claimed within 7 days from the delivering day.

Claims shall be address to Waka per e-mail indicated in Organic Waka website. Buyer will be given the instructions how to proceed to product return.

Organic Waka will not be liable for any product object of manipulation or use and cannot warranty damages to the goods that were caused by improper buyer’s handling. Any product object of manipulation will be responsibility of the buyer and therefore he/she will be in charge of the sending costs applying to the product return. Any reimbursement consequently from this product return will apply within 7 days from reception of the goods by Organic Waka and buyer shall be informed of this refund per e-mail.

Return products must be properly protected and cleaned packed in the original package including all accessories, instructions and documentation as provided by the seller. Shipping return address will be specified by Organic Waka through an e-mail with the product return policies and instructions.

If product return is not consent by the seller determining buyer’s product improper handling or product use, the goods will remain in the seller distribution room for a period no longer than 30 days after return to be collected by the buyer.

Any product return without sender identification (order number, name, address…) will be subject of non-acceptance.

Shipping costs for return products will be at sender’s charge unless otherwise agreed. The sender is responsible for the shipment and shall warranty the arrival of the goods in perfect conditions.



Any warranty and customer service premise is ruled by the paragraph “Ley General para la Defensa de los Consumidores y Usuarios” as exposed in the law “Real Decreto Legislativo 1/2007 of November 16th”. The application of the law obliges seller to provide products as stated in the contract and to respond against nonconformities. Consumers and users have the right of product restitutions, price discounts or cancellation of the contract.

Responsibility, liability clause and actions
A failure to comply the contract due to a stock shortage or non-availability of the product will not be responsibility of Organic Waka and post service and transport and communication enterprise strikes, flood and fire will be an act beyond our control. An amicable settlement will be the priority after any dispute.

This clauses are exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of Madrid. The present general sale conditions are in Spanish language and in accordance with the Spanish law. Any disagreement on validity, interpretation or execution will be presented in the courts of Madrid.

Sale conditions amendment
Organic Waka reserve the right to modify without notice the general sale conditions. This authorise to change, remove or add products and services offered and to modify the presentation and location on the server. Users will be requested to accept the sale conditions that apply in the end of purchasing process though Organic Waka.

A member “Organic Waka Private Community” shall notify any disagreement on sale conditions accepting therefore the non-use of Organic Waka services after the date the new sales conditions version will be valid.
Shall the general sale terms be illegal or unenforceable, they will be void to apply the agreed terms between the parties or falling this, the clauses in the “Código Civil Español”.

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