Moringa Stenopetala

4 times vitamin A of carrots
4 times calcium of a glass of milk
3 iron of spinaches
7 times vitamin C of oranges
3 times potassium of bananas…

Moringa Stenopetala, the miracle tree


Known as the “Miracle Tree” moringa is a natural energy booster being also calming, soothing and detoxifying. Virtually all parts of the tree are edible or can be processed for therapeutic, prophylactic, medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

Moringa tree foliage have been used as part of traditional indigenous medicine for centuries and is much known in many parts of the world for its nutritious content necessary for a healthy and productive life.

Nutritional analysis indicates that moringa leaves eaten fresh or dried as a storable powder contain a wealth of essential disease preventing nutrients with more impressive attributes than olive oil. Regarded as a miracle plant, it combats malnutrition in developing countries and has the power to make very turbid water drinkable. This extremely fast-growing tree even long dry season and resistant to most pests has gained much importance in the recent days due to its potential for a sustainable and productive agricultural growth.

Moringa leaves is reported to have more than 200 calories (up to 400) with about 30% protein and 1-2% fat. On a dry-basis, the content of many nutrients on the leaves is even more concentrated and higher being a rich source of vitamins B, A, and C (when raw). Further, they are among the best plant sources for dietary minerals, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, copper, zinc and especially calcium (up to 2000 mg) and iron approaching 30 mg, about twice the level of spinach and exceeding even the amount in patent medicines.

Energy content


Calorias 205 cal
Proteins 27.10gr
Fibre 19.20gr
Moisture 7.50gr
Fat 2.30gr
Carbohydrates 38.20gr



Potassium 1324mg
Calcium 2003mg
Magnesium 368mg
Sulphur 870mg
Phosphorus 204mg
Iron 28,20mg
Copper 0.60mg



Vitamin C 17.30mg
Betacaroten 16.30mg
Vitamin E 113mg
Vitamin B2 20.50mg
Vitamin B3 8.20mg
Vitamin B1 2.60mg