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Wake up Waka Waka!

Waka Waka Organic Moringa Products Exporting PLC Company is a family based business run by Mr. Derese Kochana and his wife Ms.Kedija Endris that has been exercising for last six years. The company initially started as domestic moringa products seller in Konso operating as hobby as rather than a profit producing business before starting processing, packing and supplying to national market and reaching consequently an international level under the export licensed delivered by the Ethiopian Federal Ministry of Trade. 

Waka Waka Organic Moringa Products Exporting PLC Company produces moringa leaves flour and powder, moringa capsules as food supplement and source of medicine, organic fertilizer, supplement food for malnourish children, the seed to pure the water and body lotion.  

Laura Manzano

She is Spanish native from Bilbao. She lived in Paris, France, for eight years where she graduated from the Sorbonne University with a BA Degree in Translation applied to Business and got licensed as guide/lecturer in the French national museums. Her language passion brought her then 2 years to Berlin before landing in Ethiopia 2014 for the first time. Only some hours after her arrival in Addis Abeba airport, she travelled to Konso and Derese was the first Ethiopian person she met along 3h drive from Arba Minch to Konso through the cattle. This personal relationship started with: “Hello, how are you? I am a former tour guide… me too” There are no coincidences in life. 

Derese Kochana Gedene

Derese brings the wealth of business and project management skills to the company with more than twenty years experience in different sectors; Social science and Physical Education teacher, 4 years as a Tourism expert and 6 years as a representative of Trees for the Future in Ethiopia and coordinator of Forest Garden Project as Environmental Conservation and Food Security Conservation Expert. 

Nowadays he still participates parallel to Waka Waka management in different social community projects (supporting Konso Development Association as fund raiser, training provider and project coordinator of KDA 3 nurseries) and in international research projects as volunteer and facilitator (U.S.A Peace Corps local focal person, Konso Gardula Anthropology Site as translator and Excavation Expert).